Creating a Student-Run Agency (PRactical ADvantage)

I have started new projects through International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in social media. As well as Cal State  University, Fullerton’s new student-managed agency.  I am all the way to the right (picture).

The University is creating a new advertising and public relations student-run agency along with professors involvement. The new  agency started in Fall 2011. We are learning at this point how to work with one another. Developing experience on how to start and communicate with others. The agency will provide services to businesses and non-profit organizations. Services are Pro-Bono (free) or at a minimal cost to clients.

We are beginning the Agency by:

–   Creating an agency (entity) with a name, logo, social media and web page.
–   Wright policy manual and procedures.
–   Wright long-term and short-term goals.
–   Wright a SWOT analysis, so we don’t know what our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats might be.

Students are getting to learn how to work with one another as well as get some real-world experience in public relations. There were tough times when we were working with each other and getting along. This also goes on with other instructors working along with each other as well as agreeing with one another and making decisions when it comes to the student agency. Not every thing is going to work out as planned however this is a new up coming agency for the university and making decisions will be critical.

Everything seemed to go wrong in the begging and getting along with each other will play an important role for this class which students can add themselves into for new experiences and be apart of something that can help the university. New professors are being added and other teachers left so working together and getting along will be an important role as well as creating a good reputation is vital for the university.

I invited some professionals to be involved and help out that can get us started. They are Raleigh Gerber Certified Social Media Strategist and Steve Pitchford Account Manager for Search Optimizers in high-end search engine optimization.

Here is a video posted in Professor Doug Swanson’s YouTube channel Communications 464 PR management student presentation:

College of Communications website:

In my past classes I have learned about multi-media and social media. Now that I have some experience I have created a YouTube and a Flickr account for IABC.

These are the sites and they give out information about who we are in addition to the guest we have had. It will also have other members and new members to join our luncheons as well as their thoughts about what they think about the luncheons.

IABC Orange County Channel

Flickr Photostream


About prspotlight

I am completing my degree in Communications & Public Relations, with an emphasis in Business. I want to gain real-world experience, and applications to advance in my profession. My education has been focused on learning a variety of skills in Business, Public Relations and Journalism. As well as Magazine Writing, Print and Multimedia Reporting.

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    • Thanks for the feedback and viewing my blog. I a glad it is useful to you and you keep coming back to my blog. I am trying to keep up with it and will add more information to it later.

      Thanks again.

  2. With more than ten years of public relations and marketing communications experience, Gavin has an extensive background in the strategic planning and execution of media and industry analyst relations programs for both public and private B2B and technology companies. At LaunchSquad, Gavin leads the agency’s East Coast operations out of New York and manages several client accounts.

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